intercessory team
counseling team
word study team


guest experience

You can put a smile on someone’s face with joy radiating from their
heart through your role as a Guest Experience welcome team member stationed at the entrance of the Church during Sundays and mid-week services.


Do you have the flair for making sure that people are seated in a well-organized manner to give the church a welcoming and divine atmosphere, first-timers in particular?

multimedia production

Are you gifted, passionate, and feel comfortable around video cameras and sound systems? You can join our multimedia team to create a beautiful worship experience by producing wonderful video and audio coverage materials for all our programs in the church.


Charged with the responsibilities of managing the flow of people in and out of our worship facilities, these also provide security and surveillance services within and outside the facility before, during, and after worship services.

Facility Managers

Facility managers ensure that the facilities that they need whether spiritual or not. s are in good condition, whilst carrying out health and safety checks as well as creating a clean and presentable environment for all services. Our duties range from maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Resource Management

The RM goal is to execute the mission. We make it our top priority to make all resources easily accessible to all our members, through the duplication, sales, and archiving of the audio and visual messages preached in the Church, and also ensuring are retrievable and made available when necessary.

Behind bars

Do you have a passion for Prison Ministry? Here is your opportunity to make new passionate friends who share the same passion as you. You can bring light to souls locked behind the prison bars to show them love, compassion, and hope to restore them.


This crew is charged with publishing the world to the four corners of the globe through printed materials within and outside our Church ministry.


Are you passionate about connecting with people through socio-media broadcast? Here you go! Our socio-media crew are passionate about shout-out, chatting, and reaching out to people through socio-media. Join the e-Team right now and catch some fun.